Accurately setting and controlling temperature of devices under test is an increasingly important part of device testing. Establishing a test temperature rapidly is critical to increasing throughput in the test cell. This is especially important in Tri-temp testing for automotive and high reliability applications.

With Test-in-Tray, many devices can be thermally conditioned in parallel, greatly increasing test efficiency. Centipede Systems is committed to providing thermal management technology necessary for burn-in and testing in tray formats. Trays of devices are tested in chambers with controlled gas and temperature environments. Temperature of the chamber may be cycled rapidly through a regime of test conditions, such as TriTemp testing.

For those applications requiring burn-in of high performance devices, the increased power dissipation due to leakage currents at high temperature presents a special challenge. Centipede meets that challenge with a range of burn-in PODS for high power/current devices in individual and tray format. Centipede remains committed to providing solutions to the most demanding TnT requirements.

Enabling Technologies

Programmable Thermal Drive establishes rapid and automated temperature conditioning for qualification and testing.

TnT Thermal Test Head enables automated high throughput testing of DUT parts in trays.

Burn-in POD provides thermal control for burn-in of device arrays in trays.