Connectors limit advances in density, performance and power in many areas of electronics including test sockets, OEM sockets, daughter cards and backplanes. Centipede is developing families of microconnectors for applications where density and performance are critical, while maintaining a learning curve to lower total cost. These contactors are based on revolutionary patented technology with broad applications to microelectronics.

Traditionally, connectors are inexpensive stamped and formed metal springs for making contact between metal surfaces. Requirements of advanced micro-electronics have pushed stamped metal connectors to the limit, where performance is limited but costs have escalated. New technologies are needed that make use of process technology to break through limitations of traditional connectors.

Centipede has developed base technologies that enable microconnectors and contactors for the highest density and performance needed for advanced semiconductor electronics. Centipede is actively applying the technology to a range of configurations in test probes, area -array interconnection, advanced sockets and connector cartridges.


Self-Cleaning Probes reduce down time in the device test cell.

Tray Contactors enable test-in-tray for high density devices.

Socket Cartridges speed replacement of socket segments.

High performance contactors provide robust rf sockets.

Low Force contactors enable sockets for sensitive MEMS devices.