The difficulty of probing complex wafers has increased to an extent that probe cards are now the most costly factor in testing certain classes of devices. Wafer probing faces ever increasing challenges in probing smaller pads on larger areas over wider temperature ranges. Maintaining alignment and planarity over a full wafer is difficult, particularly at burn-in temperatures.

For a 450mm wafer, it will be costly if even possible. Centipede offers solutions to critical factors limiting wafer probes for test and burn-in. The AutoLign leveler rapidly planarizes an array of probes to a mating wafer over a full range of temperatures. Levelling is done dynamically, allowing a probe array to follow thermal distortion to keep probe tips in constant contact without excessive overdrive. The AutoLign leveler is suited for wafer probers, probe cards and probe tiles.

Centipede supplies enabling components for advanced probes as well as licenses to some of its technologies. Verigy/Touchdown is a licensee of Centipede’s MicroTorq probe for applications to wafer testing. Centipede is committed to developing a continuing stream of advanced technologies and related Intellectual Property for probes and contactors.

AutoLign wafer leveling system dynamically aligns wafers, probes or tiles to co-planarity.

MicroTorq probe tips use torsion bar technology to provide small, high-efficiency wafer probes.

MicroLink connectors provide high density interconnection`s at controlled impedance.