Thermal Contactor

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The Best Performing Thermal Contactor in the World.

Centipede’s high performance thermode provides “best in its class” thermal management for testing high power semiconductor products. The thermode establishes test temperature conditions rapidly and uniformly across the device to achieve high first pass yields. The all metal construction and clean contact to the device allow low maintenance operation and a minimum of ATE down time.

Designed to meet the highest power density requirements for burn-in and test of high performance devices, the thermode has the best thermal resistance performance in the world today. Thermodes have demonstrated a cooling capability to 500 W and to greater than 200 W/cm2. Heat is coupled efficiently from a compliant membrane contacting the device to a thermal transfer fluid flowing through a honeycomb network of thermal pins.

Intimate contact to the device surface is achieved by pneumatic actuation that moves the active surface onto the device with a precision controlled force. The compliant surface of the thermode conforms to warp and imperfections in the device in order to establish a uniform thermal contact and accurately controlled test conditions.

Rapid Thermal Response

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A low thermal mass enables an extremely fast response of the thermode to switched thermal transfer fluids.

Top of Class Features

  • Low Thermal Resistance
  • Fully Compliant Contact
  • Liquid Cooled
  • Fast Response
  • All Metal Construction
  • Pneumatically Actuated
  • Modular/Replaceable

More Information

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