Centipede is a privately held technology company managed by seasoned veterans of successful silicon valley start-ups. The core Centipede team pioneered CSP technology at Tessera, a wildly successful Silicon Valley start-up and intellectual property powerhouse in the area of IC packaging. The core team is now focused on the filling the critical need for high performance microconnections essential for future semiconductor electronics.


Topic Conference Title Synopsis
March 10, 2010
A Hard Look at Efficiency of Back-End Burn-in and Test Back-end test operations are increasingly costly. Advanced TnT technology offers a more extendable solution than offshoring.
TnT BiTS 2010
March 8, 2010
Test-in-Tray Prospective Productivity of burn-in and test is improved dramatically by automation based on standard tray formats that carry parts througth the entire back end processing.
TnT TnT User Group
October 20, 2009
Flexible Carrier Enables Automated Test-in-Tray A Centipede Flexible Carrier enables efficeent automated Test-in-Tray for a full spectrun of devices from flip chip to MEMS
Wafer Level Packaging … The Next Turn in the Road WLP has been successful for small packages, but still remains a promise for large and complex devices.
October 2008
Wafer Level Packaging … The Promise Evolves Wafer level packaging of high value devices is gated by a few simple but very important technological problems.
Thermal BiTS 2006
March 14, 2006
Thermal Considerations in Testing Very High Performance Devices Hot spots in testing high performance devices cause errors and yield loss that can be minimized by good thermal coupling to the die.